What are the forums and do I have access to them?
The forums is a place where you can go to recieve support on pretty much anything. Not only can Designerjuice respond to whatever your query may be, but other clients and individuals can respond.

If you have purchased any of our packages then you have access to these support forums.

What's the catch to signing up for the mailing list?

There is literally no catch!

You just simply sign up, and we will e-mail you free stuff, exclusive discounts and updates!

How good is that?

When can I get support?

We try to provide support 24/7 to all of our clients. Just send us a message, an e-mail or even a text!

If you subscribe to one of our packages, you can even post on the forums where either Designerjuice or another client can help you out. As well as the forums, subscribers have access to our mobile application where they can recieve help asap.

What is the Knowledge Base and who has access?

The Knowledge Base will be place to go to recieve free products & tips and tricks about WordPress. Anyone has access to the Knowledgebase.

Can I cancel my subscription?


You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will then keep rolling until the end of your current paid month.

This is the same for annual subscription holders. Your subscription can be cancelled at any point. Any months you have left over can be refunded to you (but you’ll lose your discount). Or if you prefer to not have a refund, that is also fine; your subscription will last until the end of the paid year.

Monthly Resource Giveaways

Every month we are giving away free resource files that you can use!

Priority Discounts

Gain access to discounts on our premium produces just by signing up.

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Expanding Your Horizons

Take the stress out of managing your multiple cloud storage accounts. We have been looking out for an alternative to the desktop clutter we face and have found a great product to showcase on the blog this week. Our friends over at ExandDrive have invited us over to...

Flat Lay Photography: An Outlook on the Basic Tips

Flat Lay Photography is gaining popularity these days. As the name suggests, this is a style of capturing photographs of objects placed on a flat surface, where the photos are usually taken at a 90-degree angle straight down towards the items giving a very eye...

Photography Resource Gathering

Photography is a powerful tool that we can all do. In recent years photography has become a positive thing for businesses and individuals. Outsourcing photographs for stock images has increased by tenfold with companies paying thousands every year for image licensing....

From the Valleys to an English City

Where’s Designerjuice from? Designerjuice is a company that was formed in the South Wales Valleys, the business comprised of a few local clients with our main clientele based in the United States of America. Thanks to online services like Fiverr and Freelancer we were...

Pricing as a Graphic Designer

How to decide your pricing for freelance Design projects? In childhood, most of us are interested in drawing and crafts. Many use this to continue as their hobby until their college days. However, very few among us will generally turn it to be our full or part-time...

Representing the Community

This December Designerjuice has been travelling around the UK participating in the #DoersAcrossTheGlobe Fiverr events, we visited several majour cities in the UK and Ireland connecting with the Sellers, buyers and potential platform users learning from the community...

A Very Beginners Guide on Photography

How to Improve your photos Think you need the super duper high tech equipment to take good photographs? Think again! Luckily in this day and age it is no longer needed to go out and spend a months wage on a decent camera.  You can in fact take some pretty awesome...

Support Expansion Explained

Designerjuice is moving into the realms of expansion this year, with many decisions being made over the recent holiday season. One of our main concerns is that the company is being exhausted, with customer support and product maintenance.  Through experiences from the...