Flat Lay Photography: An Outlook on the Basic Tips

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There is a common belief among us that God is seeing everyone from above the clouds. Do you ever think why most of Marvel’s superheroes reach the right place at the right time to save the prey from bad elements of society? A big reason would be that they can fly in the air like a bird and see everything obvious!

By referring to the above facts, we can conclude that the bird’s eye view is the best to know the most details of anything from the top in a single snap! Due to this reason, Flat Lay Photography is gaining popularity these days. As the name indicates, it is a method of capturing photographs of any objects kept on a flat surface from the top, usually 90 degrees.

It is a popular style of photography standard in practice for both personal and professional purposes these days. All thanks to the enormous acceptance of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest among the common public. Many marketers like Youtubers are using the same method to create professional product reviews. Due to the same reason, it is used for personal branding or creating ads to promote any product by businesses. It might seem an effortless job but needs precision. Try to get the right idea of specific tips and tactics to help any photographer snap high-quality, attractive pics. Let us check some of its basics as under;

  1. a) Background

The background of any image matters a lot! Here, in this case, the Surface where the object is placed is working as its background. It can be anything like a floor, bed, couch, desk, or any table! So it needs to be flat under every case. Try to keep it blank or only white. Avoid any textures or patterns that can distract the focus of viewers from the object! You can take a neutral-colored piece of fabric or a baking sheet to lay it over the table and make it more photo-friendly! Based on your creative idea, you can also mix two or more solid colours to highlight the main objects.

  1. b) Placement of Objects

The arrangement of objects on a flat lay matters a lot to create movement in the photo. Many creators prefer to arrange the items so that some parts of them come inside, and some go out of the frame. It helps the viewer of the pic to imagine more than what is displaying the frame. Additionally, it creates a zooming effect of an enormous scene. You can place the objects in many ways, like in an S-curve, grid, or straight line. In case of confusion, you can take the extra help pair of beautiful hands of someone to be shown in the frame with the object. It is meant to add a sense of action and movement in the final picture!

  1. c) Lightning

Create the scene at a place that is exposed to natural light or only near the open window! The photographer should stand exact opposite to or on the other side of the light source. By this, the objects will cast shadows with the help of the light on the background. So it adds a different look to the final picture where items do not appear completely flat. The focal point must be the first thing that draws the attention of your eyes. Today there are many professional editing software available. They can ease your job to add text, graphics, artificial contrast, and brightness in the image wherever required!

There are even more advanced tricks to learn and master it. So, it is essential how you are placing the objects and create a movement. It will help to improve your skills in photography that will shine in front of its viewers. To get more ideas, go to any popular social photo-sharing platform and search for #flatlay. A great photographer is a good storyteller as well! So to make it possible, you need to take and edit the flat lay photography properly.

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