How It Works.

Transparent matters is a program Designerjuice have been working on for about 3 years now on how we can share our knowledge and train individuals and office groups on maintaining a positive marketing strategy. 

We teach companies to implement actionable habits into the workplace that don’t take to much time away from running the business but allowing outreach to new audiences.


Not only are we looking at putting good habits in place we want to show our customers there’s very little expensive and in some cases no expense in placing daily marketing tasks in place for existing staff.

Our course range from visits for staff training to online courses or one to one tuition. We have two types of training, we have a day kick-starter course and ongoing coaching and reviews.

Discover New Techniques

Changing your perspective on using social media. and paid ads.

International Audiences

Learn new ways to engage a global audiences for even local businesses.

Results within 24 hours

We can show you live results on our split audience strategies.


We Attained actionable mentoring from the induction session with great insights our company has never taken the time to comprehend before.

We have totally changed our perspective on using social media for marketing and their split growth strategy really worked from day one.


Cherry Gardener — General Manager @Bewilling

Trusted By Over 230+ Businesses

Platforms our courses cover

Discover how we can help you to grow your business fast.

We can show you how to grow your online presence and customers from as little as $1 a week.


  • Positive Consistent habits.
  • Setting marketing budgets & Goals.
  • Software Training.
  • Geographical targeted ads
  • $1 (£1) a week challenge. 

How to start.

Start your journey with Transparency Matters from as little as £25 for your first session online, We’ll run though an understanding of how you operate your business to optimizing your business with our proven growth strategies and tuition.


Create Account

To register your interest and for an account please select one of our package deals below,

Choose Package

We have three packages available for start-ups and freelancers to people who have been working in their industry for a while to larger businesses after a new perspective on running and managing their social media strategies. 

Attend Sessions

Once you have opted in for your first session, via email we will invite you to a calendar you can mark your attendance dates on, all sessions are 121 so you’ll have a dedicated specialist in a call with your for your first hour of assessment and breakdown.

Pricing for every business, at any stage


£25 Per Month

  • 1 hour session
  • Assessment of your business
  • Instant Actions
  • Monthly Challenges


£45 Per Month

  • 1 hour session up to 2 people dual call
  • Assessment of your business
  • Instant Actions
  • Strategy building


£220 Per Month

  • Onsite Assessment
  • Instant Actions
  • Long term strategy building
  • Split Testing


£290+ Per Month

We have a special discount for teams, if you have an office with a number of staff who you think will benefit from hearing our advice and reviewing your social media habits please get in touch and we’ll offer a team price for you business.


Get in touch

Head Office

Cardiff Office

Head Office

  • Designrjuice, Edward Pavilion, The Royal Albert Docks, Liverpool
  •  +44 08443575376

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Frequantly Asked Questions

How long is the sessions?

Each session is around one hour in length, we will go over an hour if we need to cover everything set out for that session if extra time is needed by the attendee.

What should I expect in the first session?

In the first session we will need to learn more about your business and an assessment will be drawing for the following session where a more in-depth plan will be put together for you going forwards. In the first session you’ll also been made aware of marketing and self building strategies. We’ll show you diagnostic tricks and show you examples of fast and slow (Long Term) growth techniques for your business. 

How many sessions do you recommend?

For sole traders and freelancers we recommend 4 to 6 sessions to allow is to monitor your results from using information from our courses, for teams of 4 or more we recommend up to 8 sessions as we need to monitor habits and results from a larger number of people. 

Can I cancel when I feels I've learnt enough?

We recommend that you cancel your sessions when you feel you or team have learnt enough from us, Unless you have a pre agreed contract for a length of time you can cancel your subscription with us. Please make sure you make us aware so you can clear your saved slots on our schedule calendar and cancel reoccurring payments.

“Designerjuice has provided a kick start course for our inhouse staff and has proven during training that growing an audience is very much possible on no or little bugget"


– Mark Huges The Cardiff Cuplink