From the Valleys to an English City

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Where’s Designerjuice from?

Designerjuice is a company that was formed in the South Wales Valleys, the business comprised of a few local clients with our main clientele based in the United States of America. Thanks to online services like Fiverr and Freelancer we were given the opportunity to allow us to grow dramatically whilst keeping the freelance lifestyle alive; even to this day.

Now based in Liverpool at the prestigious Cotton Exchange we serve local businesses in Liverpool and the surrounding areas such as Manchester all the way to Newcastle whilst keeping our business relationships in the United States, the rest of the world and of course South Wales.

One major lesson I learnt when I first decided to start a design company was business is everywhere! You can literally get a job because of a nice picture you posted on Instagram or because someone noticed you sitting there making a few sketches in a bar. Opportunities are everywhere and because of this new mindset I was able to look after myself in the South Wales’ Valleys for me whilst others struggled to get interviews in this place that was slowly getting deprived.

When I made the decision to move to Liverpool from South Wales I thought it was an easy decisions for me as my work can simply come with me. But the fact that Liverpool is also the best place for opportunities outside of London in the UK was a major factor for me moving.

I was already in talks with some pretty big companies in Liverpool while I was in South Wales and the constant train journeys up to Liverpool for meetings made it a no brainer to make the move so that I could have a closer relationship with the businesses I was working with.

My first impressions of Liverpool weren’t the best, but after spending time here you get to see through the eyebrows and mustachios and you soon learn that the people here are very polite and helpful. You don’t have to ask for help here, if you look lost you get a helping hand whether you want one or not.

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From the Valleys to an English City

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