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Pricing as a Graphic Designer

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How to decide your pricing for freelance Design projects?

In childhood, most of us are interested in drawing and crafts. Many use this to continue as their hobby until their college days. However, very few among us will generally turn it to be our full or part-time profession! The main reason behind it could be the lack of proper knowledge of self-employed budgeting or work skills!

You might hear about the fact that there is nothing better than converting your passions, hobbies or skill set into a source of income! So what’s the main hindrance? Many creators or designers are not aware of how to make income online in Graphics Design.

Helpful Tips regarding self-employed Budgeting for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, using modern technology you can do many types of work. This comprises building creative websites when working with a coder, advertisements, invitations, and greeting cards. You can also make postcards, folders, business cards, product packing, envelops, and letterheads. but not limited to just that, you can create customized WordPress templates and graphical elements for the screen only

If you’re good at traditional creative mediums like painting and illustration you can combine these skills with your digital skills to become the ultimate design studio all with your very own hands.

The best part of doing this is you can do it at the convenience of home. All you need is just a computer and your imagination to make the magic for your clients! You can additionally offer booklets, print ads, flyers, mail order catalogues, brochures, and logos. Isn’t it enough to do a variety of work using your creative skill sets?

But, what about that single thing that’s preventing you to choose this field as your part or full-time profession? It is the cost of work! Many graphics designers underestimate their work. As a result, they set smaller margins and profits on freelancing sites for the quality of work they are doing for their clients. Later they will regret their decision! as these websites can be explosive and you need to make sure you are making enough to cover disputes and underpaid disasters.

To avoid this, you must know the right price you can get for the work a client demands from you!

It varies from nation to nation and also on the method of payment. E.g., either you are charging a fixed amount for the work or taking charge of a big project by working on a per hour basis!

How to Set Budgeting for Graphic Design Work?

You can quickly start work from a few dollars to hundreds per project, depending on many factors. It has been uncovered in an analysis that a graphic designer’s average income is about USD 140 per project. A visual design budget also depends on whether it’s a one-time, fixed, or variable project!

As a rough estimate, an amateur graphic designer charges about £25 per hour. After some experience of three to five years, it can be raised to around £200 for an hour. So we can assume an average of $50 per hour. Similarly, the project rate goes from £5 to £5000, depending on the type and time provided for it.

Now to determine and fix self-employed pricing, you must go and check different freelancing portals. It will help you know what other graphic designers are charging, depending on their work experience and work level! This applies to online agency work with a website like and but offline please work out a budget with the client that is both fair for your estimated time and what the clients’ expectation is of the delivered work. As a professional, you are allowed to charge a little more for your expertise and please save where possible as this is crucial to your survival when disputes do happen, you need your cost of living covered if you are in a timely dispute or offer to give extra time to correct errors as we are all human and you need to factor that in.

Final Thoughts

An exciting thing about getting graphic design work is that it does not demand a high education background. But, there are many professional certification courses on graphic designing to learn if needed.

You must have the right knowledge and practice of using commonly used graphic designing software such as the Adobe suite. In addition to this, you must have good communications skills to deal with clients, that’s it! You can create a unique brand identity for yourself and generate enough revenue to handle your needs or pocket money!

We’ll cover basic sales in the future and possibly go more into depth about that later on.

Before deciding on your graphic design project fee, make sure you do not follow everything others do. After all, you will not like to bear losses so price up fair with the intention for repeat customers. Always try to be sure you will gain enough profit to save and grow your business after paying all the expenses that need to be done to do the work. Typical expenditures include utility costs, licenses, memberships, marketing, and more!

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