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This December Designerjuice has been travelling around the UK participating in the #DoersAcrossTheGlobe Fiverr events, we visited several majour cities in the UK and Ireland connecting with the Sellers, buyers and potential platform users learning from the community and taking in feedback and ideas to improve the platform.

Sharing knowledge and feedback with the global Fiverr community on the 5 day tour was a complete success, Designerjuice made a lot of new connections throughout the United Kingdom and us being able to host the live panels gave us the status we were looking to achieve along the way.

Fiverr for us at Designerjuice has been a great platform to engage with potential new clients and to showcase our talents on a global scale as Fiverrs ever-growing outreach has sellers and buyers from over 150 counties and counting the global doorway has always been open to us.

Since Fiverr had three major UK and Ireland cities scheduled for the events we thought it was crucial to make the effort to attend all the events, we like to consider our company a veteran of the platform as Clayton Menzel and Brent messenger said our time on the platform outlives both their combined years experience working with Fiverr themselves which putting that into a retrospect is a great achievement in itself for us as a company operating in the UK.

During the early stages of planning Fiverr community events manager Clayton Menzel reached out to the UK community for assistance in securing event space so we were obliged to help, in doing so Clayton also ask CEO Arron Davies to participate in the events by asking topical questions to Brent Messenger – Global Community Manager at the events in London at the General Assembly, and in Manchester was asked on the spot to do a talk on his background and how Fiverr has helped out with his plans for growth with Designerjuice.

– Talking in London and Manchester was a great experience and talking along with Brend Messenger who’s globally known for his public talks and campaigns made the events even more special.

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