Support Expansion Explained

Jan 4, 2018 | Updates | 0 comments

Designerjuice is moving into the realms of expansion this year, with many decisions being made over the recent holiday season.

One of our main concerns is that the company is being exhausted, with customer support and product maintenance.  Through experiences from the past year, we feel the need to clarify with what is, and what isn’t covered with our standard six months free support, that is provided to all our customers, after a project is created by ourselves.

We always strive where we can to assist everyone and in most cases, we fail to charge our clients a fee for support after the 6 months has ended.  In order to complete your requests in a timely fashion, we recommend having a support package with us from the get-go, like many other design companies around the world offer.

From January 2018 we have made the decision to charge the hosting fee separate from the price of the project.  This will now be the basic subscription service which is £6 a month for every website that is being hosted, with a discounted rate available for multiple hosted by us.

Making our pricing more modular like this, allows our clients to see exactly what they are paying for, after a solution is created, and you can even cancel services yourself with no calls or emails needed to arrange this.

We have also looked at our existing packages and adjusted accordingly to the feedback we have received last year.

We now have 6 essential packages, for different sized business, three of which are focused on small websites or start-up companies.  These can be found on our starter packages page.

Our standard hosting package is available to sign up to immediately,  with another two packages that cover website maintenance or maintenance and SEO (search engine optimization) on a monthly subscription.  You can opt in and out of these packages as and when you require them, but hosting is mandatory for all our solutions that are hosted by us from this year onwards.

It is crucial that we have a structure to our customer services and support, so it clear what you as the client is entitled to.

With careful thought, we have kept our estimates and fees extremely competitive for the level of service we provide.  Over the next year, we as always will continue to improve how the company is operated.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has hired Designerjuice as a growing company and who continue to use our services moving into the future.

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