Expanding Your Horizons

May 4, 2018 | Tips & Advise | 0 comments

Take the stress out of file syncing through various desktop interfaces.

At Designerjuice we have been looking out for an alternative to the desktop clutter we face and have found a great product to showcase on the Blog this week!

Our friends over at ExandDrive have invited us over to test out their file syncing software to put to the test for the past week and our finding are like no other product.

The main issues we were facing before we tried out ExpandDrive was the clutters and overhead prices, with today’s cloud hosting markets being quite expensive over a year period.

We use a number of different services including products like FileZilla for FTP connectivity which can add more stress to a day than what is needed, We needed a solution that allows us to sync whatever services with little or no extra cost at all.

In recent weeks we have look at competitors like Odrive who in my opinion, if you have a small or growing company can be quite expensive over time and as a business growing we need to be conscious of our business spending so opportunities to save money is always on the agenda.

That’s when we discovered ExpandDrive, a very cost-effective solution that only requires a one-off license fee to be paid per user! This, in my opinion, beats the competition by a long stretch but not only are they cost effective their services are like no other, with its easy to understand interface and support for all the popular cloud services, and yes including FTP to web servers I can truly say there is none other at the moment who can bring this value into a company like ours.

If you would like to learn more about ExpandDrive then please head on over to their website where you can try out the free trial with no obligation to purchase, what also makes it great is that they don’t require any payment details either to try out the services.

So how does this service work?

The way ExpandDrive works is by creating new drives on your computer, each one assigned to a cloud service, each drive provides placeholders and placefiles to help you navigate your cloud service. Every time you open a file its downloaded temporarily until you close the file, you can also select a file/folder to become local to your hard drive if you wish.

The best part about ExpandDrive is that it automatically unsyncs files that are not being used saving you so much time from diving into the program settings like other popular file syncing software alternatives.


Download ExpandDrive

Access files in the cloud from Finder or Explorer without having to sync or use disk space. ExpanDrive mounts OneDriveGoogle DriveDropboxBoxSharepointAmazon S3FTPSFTP and more as a Network Drive. Supports macOS and Windows.

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Expanding Your Horizons

  Take the stress out of file syncing through various desktop interfaces. At Designerjuice we have been looking out for an...

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