Your Dashboard

The dashboard is your area! here you can see purchases and control your subscription services with designerjuice!

Premium Support

Our support packages are avalible for our premium package holders. if you need to contact us you can do so through this dashboard

Transaction Unsuccessful

Unfortunately, the payment has been unsuccessful, please try again. If the error persists please get in contact so a member of our sales team can assist you.

Account Security Tips

Here’s a sellection of tips and hints on how to keep you account save with designerjuice

Password Safty

Username and password securty is a key element in keeping your information secure. please remember your username and password of by heart but in the instance yu d need to not it down somewhere please keep that safe.

Phising Emails

Designerjuice will never email you asking you for private information or login information, in the event you do receive an emailing that you are no to sure about please contact us directly through out website and we will arrange a call back.

General Account Usage

Please refrain from sharing you login information, if you work as part of a team and need to grand access to another team member to your subscriptions or purchases please contact is and well do the rest for you.