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Here’s some common questions

From popular questions in regards to our services we have put together a quick FAQ for you to look over wile your account is being set up with Designerjuice.

How soon will I get my first SEO report?

If you have recently signed up, well need to install our analyletics code to your website in order to track its performance, as a rule of thumb generating your first report will take around 30 days. From then onwards depending on the website performations we can set up more regular intervals for the report and action plans to be generated from us.

How I’ll I receive my reports and actions plans.

At the moment you will receive your reports via email in a PDF format and Word Doc, in the future we will be adding information like this to your “my accounts” page for ease of use. For more information about our growing services please sign up to our mailing list.

I need more services not covered by you packages

If you require any services we can not added to our packages please contact us with our general form so we can arrange a chat and build a custom package for you

How do I cancel my support package?

You can cancel your package by contacting your Bank or Building Society and asking them to cancel the GoCardless payment, alternitivly you can cancel by contacting us where we can remove your Direct Debit request. Please note that any service cancelations may effect any active services you have with us, for example website hosting which may result in your webiste being instantly deactivated.

Have more Questions?

If you feel you need to ask more questions about our services and packages please contact our support team

Quick Guide

Here’s an insight in to what your packages will cover.

Seo Report

Your first SEO report is due around 30 days after we apply our tracking code to your website, Once your service is set up with Designerjuice we’ll be in contact to arange access to your website.

Content Action plan

SEO reporting gives us great insights into improving your SEO ranking, if you’re package cvers this service will deliver a written action plan on a monthly basis to start off with on key word and phrase optimization for your website’s content.

Website Maintenance

We’ll look after your website on a daily basis, making sure its active and running at its best performance, if you’re website has been created with a different developer optimal performace may not be guaranteed.

Website health checks

From time to time web technology can become dated, updating plugins and vital services to keep your websites in tip top shape if covered by use, we’ll run any updates for you as they become avalible.

Security Enhancements

Security is crucial not only for your online reputation but for the safty of any stored information you may have, regular security checks and improments will be applied where nessusary.

Improvement Suggestions

As the web ever changes and demand for product or service may rotate it’s focus, we can offer improvment assesments and suggest enhancements where you feel nessusery. Please get in contact if you require a fresh feel for astetics or function.

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