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We have been working on our courses but we also know you guys love using your past time reading a good book!

Why not treat yourself to our free Ebook. Learn how to break bad marketing habbits, learn the truth about buying bots and the damaging effects cutting corners have on your brand and products.

Why create this ebook series?

Transparency Matters is an eBook series written with startup experience in mind, the lessons learn from a once freelance designer to a design studio has many tales to speak of and experience to share.

We start off with habits and how to be productive with our technology then move into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and how these three websites have different user styles that can be provoked in different ways to interact with your business.

Contents Scale

  • Good and bad Habbits 82%
  • Miss conceptions 78%
  • Technology 60%
  • Social media as a whole 60%
  • Campaigns 76%

Contextual Traffic

Fresh content is key, and all business’ know what they are doing more than a third party, think about running your blog properly

Image/Video Engadment

Be engaging with none stock photography and videos, make explainers, talk about business or just have fon with your potential customer base.

Direct Approch

Referrals are gold, keep your service quality huge even if you have a small core of clients, existing clients are key in spreading the word and it’s of course free!

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In this volume, we’ll be covering the impact of poor social marketing, the damage it can have on startups and growing businesses, and how to use your demographic reports properly in coordination with your own campaigns or hired hands.


We also dive into fake likes and follows and how this can affect your social media standing with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter even your SEO also importantly how to overcome doubts and really create great campaigns yourself on trending tops with a quality to go with it.

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